Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some changes that we are working on...

Here is my list of things that I want to work on...

We are looking at looking at joining some co-ops. I am really excited about this. Reasons being that I think it will be a great way to save some money, meet some people on the same journey of healthy eating and get some great food!!
Learning that meat, butter, eggs and the like (grass-fed and free-range) is really good for you has opened a world of new recipes and food for our family (check into the Sally Fallon cookbook Nourishing Traditions if you have heard and believed otherwise) Even the small amount of these foods that we have added back into our diet so far have made a difference in the way we feel. The anger I feel against those doctors who tell you to switch your kid to low fat diets!!! We are looking to switch the whole family over to RAW milk soon! We are looking for some good Jersey cows and the freshest milk possible just like 'back in the day'. Check if you are on the same journey.
We are looking for organic produce, free range eggs and grass fed meat as well. I want to add more wild fish to our diet. mmmm! dedicating the next few days to finding, buying and picking out food and recipes... I can't wait to get started cooking!
and last but not least we are looking at sproughting/soaking and graining our own grains!!
Where do you get your favorite fresh whole food? I would love to hear!

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  1. Hey Jackie! YEA for you! Maybe this will encourage me to get my own blog up and running. We are on the same journey!
    I get my meat (including soup bones!), poultry, cheese and some frozen wild caught fish from Heffron Farms. A local farm that also has farm markets in the area. They have decent prices, and their meat is grass-fed. They also have an Online Market, for things you may not be able to get locally to you.