Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Beginnings!

I feel like this is the beginning for me. After figuring out that food has the awesome power to heal and destroy I have done my best in trying to feed my family better. I have done great at taking out the bad but not so well at adding in the good. I have been busy watching kids and keeping up with life itself and I now know that taking charge of mine and my family's health need to be #1! And so now with the new baby on the way (due in June!) my husband and I have decided that its a good time to stop watching kids at my home and focus on our family. I do wonder how my 3 year old will handle it... I mean, I am the one who gets really ill from certain foods and sugar so that means my husband and child get it more then me. He is still used to certain things. I want it to be a fun journey. One that we can all do together and learn and grow from. So now I have 3 days left of watching the kids and next week I start on some new ways of living, of growing and of healing and I can't wait!

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